Olara Otunnu on the way

Dr. Olara Otunnu, former UN Under-Secretary General and Special Representative forOLARA.jpg Children and Armed Conflict, will be on his way back to his native Uganda soon. This is causing quite a stir in political circles, especially with talk of Dr. Otunnu, a northerner with longstanding ties to UPC, making a bid for the presidency in the 2011 elections. Below is an interview with Dr. Otunnu by Angelo Izama from yesterday’s Sunday Monitor:

Are you planning to come back?
It is indeed my intention to come home sometime soon.

What has motivated you to return?
Uganda is my home. One does not need any special motivation to return to one’s home. I will come back as a citizen, a son of the soil returning home. I must stress that my homecoming will bear no political labels or affiliation. It will be a completely non-partisan event, simply a much-longed-for homecoming. Continue reading “Olara Otunnu on the way”

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