Writing + Media

In addition to academic papers, I write write op-eds, blog posts, and analyses for the local media in Uganda and elsewhere, and also participate on radio and television media. Links by topic below:

African countries can fight coronavirus better when citizens encourage one another, (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, 2020), with Clara Bicalho and Leah Rosenzweig

Imagine yourself as a refugee – That’s what nudges Americans to take action on refugees’ behalf, (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, 2017), with Claire Adida and Adeline Lo

Elections in Africa
Here’s why Paul Kagame won a third term as Rwanda’s president, (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, 2017)
Are Elections in East Africa a Reflection of Democracy? NTV Fourth Estate
Uganda Post-Election Analysis (The Independent, 2011)
Uganda Election 2011: Issues and Trends (The Independent, 2011)
On the 2011 Uganda national elections: pre-election analysis (The Independent, 2011)

The Christian-Muslim Education Gap
Q&A: The Muslim-Christian education gap in sub-Saharan Africa, Pew Research Center, 2016

Ugandan Politics
Who’s behind Uganda’s step forward on same-sex rights? (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, 2014)
U.S. foreign policy and Ugandan domestic politics collide (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, with Kim Dionne, 2014)
How kicking out Umeme hurts Uganda (The Independent, 2014)
The Rise of Morality Politics in Africa (Washington Post, Monkey Cage Blog, 2014)
On Yoweri Museveni’s bloated cabinet (The Independent, 2011)
The return of Olara Otunnu (The Independent, 2009)
Museveni and Buganda (The Independent, 2009)
Conflict Beyond the Oil Barges (The Daily Monitor, with Angelo Izama, 2007)

The Health of the Nation (The Independent, 2012)


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