Working papers

Under Review

  1. Crowdsourcing Accountability: ICT for Service Delivery (with Guy Grossman and Jonathan Rodden, Revised and Resubmitted at World Development)
    • Supplementary Information here.
  2. The American Refugee Consensus (with Claire Adida and Adeline Lo, Revised and resubmitted at the Journal of Experimental Political Science)
  3. Engendering empathy among Americans can promote inclusionary behavior toward Syrian refugees (with Claire Adida and Adeline Lo, Revise and Resubmit at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencies)
  4. Peer effects and externalities in technology adoption: Evidence from community reporting in Uganda (with Romain Ferrali, Guy Grossman, and Jonathan Rodden, under review)
  5. Religion, Patriarchy and the Perpetuation of Harmful Social Conventions: The Case of Female Genital Cutting in Egypt (with Lisa Blaydes, under review)
  6. Social Networks, Social Context, and Political Participation: Evidence from Uganda (with Nicholas Eubank, Guy Grossman, and Jonathan Rodden, under review)
  7. Culture and the Persistence of Educational Inequality: Lessons from the Muslim-Christian Education Gap in Africa (under review)

In the works

  1. Meet the (Opposition) Candidates: How Information Can Overcome Partisanship in a Dominant Party Regime (with Pia Raffler)
  2. The Muslim-Christian Education Gap in Africa
  3. The Institutional Origins of Muslim Disadvantage
  4. Africa’s health tragedy? Ethnic diversity and health outcomes

Earlier versions of working papers

  1. Engendering Empathy, Begetting Backlash: American Attitudes toward Syrian Refugees (with Claire Adida and Adeline Lo)
    • Winner of the Migration and Citizenship APSA Section Best Paper Award, 2017


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