Working papers

Under Review

  1. Closing the Gap: Information and Mass Support in a Dominant Party Regime (with Pia Raffer, R&R Journal of Politics)
  2. Religion, Patriarchy and the Perpetuation of Harmful Social Conventions: The Case of Female Genital Cutting in Egypt (with Lisa Blaydes, R&R Journal of Demographic Economics)
  3. Increasing Immigrant Exclusion: Family Histories, Empathy, and Immigration in the United States (with Scott Williamson, Claire Adida, Adeline Lo, Lauren Prather, and Seth Werfel)

Working papers

  1. Islam and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (book chapter prepared for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on Politics in Muslim Societies, edited by Melani Cammett and Pauline Jones)
  2. Culture and the Persistence of Educational Inequality: Lessons from the Muslim-Christian Education Gap in Africa
  3. The Historical Legacies of Islamic Rule in Africa (with Vincent Bauer and Jeremy Weinstein)
  4. Africa’s health tragedy? Ethnic diversity and health outcomes


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