Leeza in Libya

I wonder how uncomfortable Condoleeza Rice felt during her recent visit with Col. Muammar Gaddafi or what either gained from the interaction. Well, we know she gained a locket engraved with his picture, according to the New York Times. And we know Gaddafi gained an intimate one-on-one (plus translators and note-takers) with the woman whom he strangely referred to as “my darling black African woman,” and of whom he said, “Leeza, Leeza, Leeza…I love her very much,” according to another Times article.

Why shower the woman with such affection? Perhaps in hopes that it would continue the mending of the US-Libya relationship? I get the sneaking suspicion however, that he doesn’t take her fully seriously as a professional. In the public spotlight Ms. Rice must of course graciously receive Gaddafi’s rather narcissistic gifts. But all the while she must be thinking, who does this guy think he is? I know I would.

I have seen his motorcade and entourage take on Kampala, posters of his face plastered all over the city. He came and belittled the Bible and mocked Christianity, in a country where the majority of people are Christian. The guy has one of the biggest egos around, and let me tell you, that is saying something. It would have been the cause of a clash with Museveni….but of course there is nothing that a little (ok, a lot) of money and investments can’t smooth over. Oh yeah, and he also suggested to Museveni that he should never leave power…

One Reply to “Leeza in Libya”

  1. In a word no. He has poor transport at best, and he would have need of wenpoas on sight. Did you see Younis pull tanks out of his a-ss after Nato started to help He also would have wenpoas stored in the southeast because iof his tenuous reationship with Sudan ..If yYounis doesn’t know, hen he was a lousy a-ss general to start with. If he does .You know what, why continue .The eastern army was at first humbled by the uprising, but they have now retaken control o the east. all signs point to it being an eastern coup in the first place. My third eye , so to speak, ays the Nato holdup is an internal dissension between the polite national leaderships. Obama owns the council, but France and Britain are dropping the bombs. The latter two don’t want to give Obama Ras Lanouf and a good flow of oil, while they put in the work and get shyytttttt. So the oil sits held by Gaddaffi who can’t sell it until they haggle amongst themselves .Only problem, peope in the west have gottn fed up, and they’re going to get their own revenge. You have to remember, most of the mistreated were in the west, and with the country kept antagonistic for so long, I don’t thnk the eastern people are all that entusiatic about going there. They were going after Gaddaffi, but now they are reasonably certain he’s a done deal That’s my read And when the west is taken by true freedom fighters, the council is going to get exactly what they have coming, and with any luck, so will Obama ..


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