We are the World, not the Ones

Yes, it’s true, I am irrevocably sentimental. And I am not ashamed to say altruistic collective action can literally bring tears to my eyes. Like when everyone on the road pulls over to let an ambulance by (seriously). So that being said I reeeaaaally want to like this song. But as many others have already pointed out, I find the lyrics super problematic, and unfortunately the message also suggests that throwing money at disasters (among other things) will always be constructive. And while I love the idea of connectivity –we are the world — this bit about being the “Ones” and saving the day (actually making it “brighter” to be precise) makes me cringe every time. Also, lyrics aside, I think this collaboration could have been even cooler if there were more international artists. But in any case it’s nice to hear T-Pain singing about something other than lollipops and buying me dranks. When else are you going to see blinged out rappers singing about world peace and love? The auto-tune is priceless, “Let’s start gi-vi-in-ing!” Maybe Sachs should try that at his next event.


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