US Development Policy

Today President Obama announced a new US development policy — the first ever issued by a US president. See the press release here.

Am currently wallowing in Political Order in Changing Societies, but hopefully more analysis and links on the policy coming soon. On that note, “The most important political distinction among countries concerns not their form of government but their degree of government.” Agree?

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  1. agree, to a point. It is the degree of government that gives states effective monopoly of violence within a given territory. At the very least states, regardless of regime type, should provide basic goods such as security and reasonably predictable laws. Arguments about regime type are merely normative.

    That said, it could be that there is reverse causality between the form and degree of government, in which case Huntington should have qualified this statement.

  2. Jeffrey Sachs proposes something similar in a writeup here

    and i quote…. “IN THE United States, I propose a new Department for International Sustainable Development, which would oversee U.S. foreign assistance and initiatives related to sustainable development in low-income countries, including water, food production, disease control and climate-change adaptation and mitigation.” –

  3. Just to be fair, I hear Bush’s Millennium Challenge Corporation did a lot to shake up U.S. foreign assistance – in mostly a good way. I say mostly because the model of asking state’s to submit development proposals won’t work for the poorest states (their proposals won’t be able to compete with better off states), but for the middle range countries it sounds like a pretty neat idea.

    Worth checking out because it’s a big deal in foreign assistance and has such a different approach than previous development assistance programs.

    Degree vs. form… hmmm. I don’t know, form still sounds awfully important, but maybe that’s just because I value security and wealth along with a reasonable helping of individual liberty.

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  4. Just reading the press release – the MCC is actually not as big a deal as I thought. Only about $1 billion a year, though the WH release does mention it wants to grow the program.

    1. شبنم می‌گه:شهروندان لیبی و حامیان معمر قذافی توسط شورشیان قتل عام شدند.A grisly scene was doecivsred in Tripoli today, when reporters came across a former Gadhafi camp in central Tripoli where pro-regime fighters were found massacred, including a number that were bound before their execution.چندین نفر از کشته شدگان را در زمین بیمارستان پیدا کردند که برای سازمان ملل شوکه آور بود. اکنون غرب شیاد مکررا اعلام می کند که قذافی و شورشیان هر دو مرتب جنایت علیه بشریت شده اند ولی از جنایت ناتو/آمریکا سخنی بمیان نمی آورد.بنظر می رسد که غرب در نظر دارد از شورشیان تروریست حداکثر استفاده را بکند و بعد از غلبه کامل بر لیبی آنان را مانند طالبان با چسباندن مارک تروریست به قتل رساند. این کار توسط آمریکا ، انگلیس و فرانسه علیه مردم مسلمان مرتب در تاریخ تکرارشده است اما مسلمانان جاهل هنوز دوزاریشان نیافته است و همچنان با غرب علیه منافع خود همکاری دارند.باند مرتجع لاریجانی/توکلی مانند سران نوکرصفت عرب ازعاملین سازمان سیا/ ام آی 6 و موساد – شورشیان حمایت کردند.با وجود بمباران شدید لیبی توسط ناتو/ آمریکا، غرب هنوز نتوانسته است پایتخت را بزیر کنترل کامل خود در آورد.UN spokesman Rupert Colville promised an investigation into the killings, and urged rebel leaders to “take active steps to ensure that no crimes, or acts of revenge, are committed.”به سخنگوی سازمان ملل باید گفت: خفه شوید – خجالت بکشید . شما بیش از آنچه که فکر می کنید در دنیا افشا شده اید. مردم از بازی شما خسته شده اند. گورتان را گم کنید. شما در جنایت علیه بشریت با غرب شریک اید.Yet the growing concern about the behavior of the rebels hardly begins or ends with this single incident. Amnesty International is also reporting that the rebel faction has been conducting mass arrests of black people across the nation, terming all of them “foreign mercenaries” but with growing evidence that a large number were simply migrant workers.


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