African Literature Conference 2012, Makerere University

The Department of Literature at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, will be hosting an African Literature Conference July 12-14, 2012. Submissions for abstracts and panel proposals are due January 14, 2012 to More information available here (h/t @alleneli).

2 Replies to “African Literature Conference 2012, Makerere University”

  1. i personally find literature helpful in developing the intellectural capacity more especially those who impact the society and their dealings and private life affects the society, like i find very many young people following Angelo Izama and what he does, me inclusive, he provokes people to think positively, bravo Izama’s.

  2. The idea of an ePortfolios is an interesting one. Many unverisities are moving towards problem based learning (PBL) where learners undertake to solve problems within various contexts in their field of study. I think building a portfolio is one way to demonstrate original thinking and amount of work donea0rather than assessment based on recall of information and facts.


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