Home at last in Mogadishu

In the Somalia of today, comedians are murdered for telling jokes and journalist butchered for telling the truth. Certainly this cannot be the time for developing a constitution. I cannot but conclude that the constitutional process is nothing more than an attempt by the international community to make legitimate their engagement and support to a government they have conceived and created.  Somalia’s new elite has found in the current arrangement an environment conducive for their emergence and growth – and it is here that a marriage between the uninformed and the ambitious begins and the constitution becomes their marriage certificate.
I left Mogadishu feeling both hopeful and sad. Hopeful because of the colorful exhibition of humanity to survive extremes, dust itself off and launch a comeback. I was hopeful because in AMISOM, we see Africans attempting to solve their problems. Saddened, because I fear forces of primitive association are gaining strength. As for my own personal journey, I left feeling Somali and certainly more African than ever before. This journey laid some of my personal ghosts to rest. Yes, I am Somali and yes I am African with a billion fellow travellers.

That is Mo Yaxye in The Independent, “Coming home to Mogadishu“.

5 Replies to “Home at last in Mogadishu”

  1. I am fundraising in the memory of the Somali Journalists killed in Somalia to keep their legacy. The fund will help to tackle poverty in Somalia via Education.

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  2. This particular posting Home at last in Mogadishu | Melina Platas
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    I Appreciate it.


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