I’m back!

So I fell off the bloggingwagon in a major way. Apologies. But 7 weeks into grad school and back in California (for a while anyway) I think I can credibly commit to staying on-board. There’s lots to catch up on, but instead I think I’ll just pick up where we left off and fill in the gaps as we go along.

One of the most interesting things I have read so far? “Tax Me If You Can: Ethnic Geography, Democracy and the Taxation of Agriculture in Africa,” in APSR by Kimuli Kasara, Stanford Political Science PhD graduate who is now teaching at Columbia. Basically she finds that cash crop farmers who are the same ethnicity as the head of state face higher taxes than farmers of a different ethnicity. This goes against the classical  ethnically-based patronage argument. A more thorough understanding of how exactly patronage works is clearly in order.

Ok, back to nuclear weapons reading.

PS This post is dedicated to Anna. She knows why.


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