Kasubi Tombs Burn

This is serious. A sad day for many, and a great loss to a rich history and culture. I was just the other day thinking that the kingdom should capitalize more on their potential to share Ganda culture and history with the rest of the world. I feel the Kasubi tombs, and many other cultural landmarks around Kampala, are under-appreciated by many visitors to Uganda. Buganda is in an excellent position to share its history and traditions as a way to show the world one of many beautiful and unique sides of Uganda that are often missed, especially in the international media.

Photo by New Vision

There is already much talk of how this tragedy could further fan the flames between the NRM government and the Buganda kingdom. The Buganda Post writes:

“Although there is no word yet on who set the sacred Baganda royal cemetery to fire a vast majority of Baganda lay the blame squarely on Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni. Many point out that Mr. Museveni has laid siege on Buganda since 2009, putting travelling restrictions on Kabaka Mutebi,  shooting dead  over 30 Baganda who protested when the Kabaka was stopped from visiting Kayunga (Bugerere), closing Radio Buganda and persecuting many of the Kabaka’s officials. ”

The Daily Monitor writes that President Museveni will visit the site today.

Tensions rising in Kigali?

Former Rwanda military chief Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa gave this interview to Upfront Africa on VOA Wednesday, following his flee from Rwanda.

Meanwhile, twin grenade attacks killed 16 in Kigali on Thursday evening. These came only two weeks after similar grenade attacks struck the capital in February.

We are the World, not the Ones

Yes, it’s true, I am irrevocably sentimental. And I am not ashamed to say altruistic collective action can literally bring tears to my eyes. Like when everyone on the road pulls over to let an ambulance by (seriously). So that being said I reeeaaaally want to like this song. But as many others have already pointed out, I find the lyrics super problematic, and unfortunately the message also suggests that throwing money at disasters (among other things) will always be constructive. And while I love the idea of connectivity –we are the world — this bit about being the “Ones” and saving the day (actually making it “brighter” to be precise) makes me cringe every time. Also, lyrics aside, I think this collaboration could have been even cooler if there were more international artists. But in any case it’s nice to hear T-Pain singing about something other than lollipops and buying me dranks. When else are you going to see blinged out rappers singing about world peace and love? The auto-tune is priceless, “Let’s start gi-vi-in-ing!” Maybe Sachs should try that at his next event.

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