Kasubi Tombs Burn

This is serious. A sad day for many, and a great loss to a rich history and culture. I was just the other day thinking that the kingdom should capitalize more on their potential to share Ganda culture and history with the rest of the world. I feel the Kasubi tombs, and many other cultural landmarks around Kampala, are under-appreciated by many visitors to Uganda. Buganda is in an excellent position to share its history and traditions as a way to show the world one of many beautiful and unique sides of Uganda that are often missed, especially in the international media.

Photo by New Vision

There is already much talk of how this tragedy could further fan the flames between the NRM government and the Buganda kingdom. The Buganda Post writes:

“Although there is no word yet on who set the sacred Baganda royal cemetery to fire a vast majority of Baganda lay the blame squarely on Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni. Many point out that Mr. Museveni has laid siege on Buganda since 2009, putting travelling restrictions on Kabaka Mutebi,  shooting dead  over 30 Baganda who protested when the Kabaka was stopped from visiting Kayunga (Bugerere), closing Radio Buganda and persecuting many of the Kabaka’s officials. ”

The Daily Monitor writes that President Museveni will visit the site today.

4 Replies to “Kasubi Tombs Burn”

  1. Either way you look at it, whoever set the fire had a distinctly crafted message for, primarily, the Buganda Kingdom and, Baganda as a whole. On a national level, it signals, whether intended or not, a nation gone astray and leaders who cannot govern. Furthermore, the lack of governance is displayed with a substantial dose of arrogance and telegraphed via the most recent statements by Museveni when responding to the Youth Petition to have him indicted by the ICC. He is “ready” he indicated. How can he be ready? Ready for what? Why does he believe he is ready? The burning of the tombs is a clear and unmistakeably precise invitation to war. “Engage me if you can” is what appears to be veiled in this despicably timid act of hate. It is timid because the actor or actors cannot fathom any other avenue to deliver their message. Clothed and disguised as arson is one thing. Picking a specific target and the timing thereof are quite another. The bottom line is, Uganda is on a slippery slope and, when all is said and done, it will require international intervention before the continued loss of life is curtailed and a return to normalcy and calm are spearheaded.
    Long live Uganda, long live our elusive freedom.

  2. Thanks Sarah and AJWS for standing up with us, we are iripsned to continue standing up against injustice. We in Uganda urgently need support from the international community to ensure that human rights for all with specific attention to sexual minorities are protected and becuase the situation regarding protection of human rights in uganda is increasingly becoming bleak and we fear that some represssive laws could be passed at a time when ugandans are protesting high food and fuel prices.

  3. Betty, I’ve added your blogs to my links. It’s amazing what you’re doing and I wish you a woednrful and sfae journey. Thank you for making difference in the lives of others. It’s inspiring. The world needs more people like you. namasteel


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