Kagame on NPR

In case you missed it, listen/read Kagame’s short interview on NPR here. It sounded to me like Montagne asked the same question about five times. I’m not sure what she was hoping he would say, “yes I am a dictator”? Instead of asking how oppressive/repressive he is, I think she would have been much better off asking about the greatest challenges the RPF faces in the coming years, what he considers the greatest failure to date (as well as plans to rectify it in the next 7 years), and an assessment of his personal role in state and nation building. All of these would have led, I think, to far more reflective and useful answers, rather than the more combative and/or defensive ones we have all heard before.

Goodluck on Friday the 13th

It seems Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has some good luck on this Friday the 13th — he will be allowed to contest in the January 2011 presidential elections. BBC reports that he has not yet announced whether he will indeed run for president, but I for one would be shocked if he did not. After all, wouldn’t you if you had just bought 3 new jets? I somehow can’t shake my skepticism of leaders who wear the same head attire everyday. From Mobutu to Museveni to Goodluck, why can’t these guys part with their headgear?

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