“New” U.S. Africa Strategy

It’s finally summer and that means more time for writing, I hope. The White House recently released its “New U.S. Strategy Toward sub-Saharan Africa.” I can’t tell how new it is, based on the 4 key pillars:

The Four Pillars of the U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa
The United States will partner with sub-Saharan African countries to pursue the following interdependent and mutually reinforcing objectives: (1) strengthen democratic institutions; (2) spur economic growth, trade, and investment; (3) advance peace and security; and (4) promote opportunity and development. Across all objectives, we will: deepen our engagement with Africa’s young leaders; seek to empower marginalized populations and women; address the unique needs of fragile and post-conflict states; and work closely with the U.N. and other multilateral actors to achieve our objectives on the continent.

Fact sheet and full report.

One Reply to ““New” U.S. Africa Strategy”

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