from the campaign trail

Above: Incumbent MP and minister of defense Amama Mbabazi in Kunungu District, Western Uganda

Above: Campaign Posters in Masaka Town, Central Uganda

Above: Besigye arrives in Kanungu

Above: Besigye addresses his supporters in Kanungu

Above: Museveni’s rally in Lwengo, Central Uganda on February 10, 2011

2 Replies to “from the campaign trail”

  1. Jae Ellis – Will, coincidentally (or pinrideotvally), Matthew 25:31-46 is the passage I have focused on the most over the last several months (before I had even read your why I’m going to Africa, I had posted it as part of my profile on Facebook).Keep up the good work lives will change (both in Uganda and back home in the States), hearts will soften, and the Lord will be glofified, because of what you’re doing.

  2. Thanks for the prayers! We miss you all very much as well. Can’t wait to hear how John does at the plate. Your reeuqst was a great one, so I added a page to the blog, so all can keep up to date with our prayer needs. Thanks again! Look forward to seeing what God will do in the months to come. Pray for our future direction once our term here ends. I’m praying that God will make it clear what ministry God will have for us in 2013!


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