Uganda Election 2011: 8 days to go

I’m in Masaka today, a small town 2 hours southwest of Kampala,  following President Museveni’s campaign. This is a small and quiet town, but from the hotel in town I can hear a lot of hooting and shouting — it’s possible Museveni’s convoy has just arrived. He has won this central region district in past elections, winning about 64% of the vote in 2001 and 59% in 2006. The urban areas, namely Masaka Municipality, tend to vote for Kizza Besigye, the main opposition candidate for the past three elections. But the rural areas are pro-Museveni.

In all likelihood Museveni will win again here, and win big.

More soon….

3 Replies to “Uganda Election 2011: 8 days to go”

  1. A good post, Gillian, and food for thought. Nicky’s right – the depeloved world is a totally different place to the developing world, and that is reflected in what is considered appropriate in terms of publishing in children’s and teen fiction.My second novel, about an Asian girl who is raped, is considered risky not because of the terrible central theme which they think has been dealt with sensitively, but because the Asians in the story are not painted in a positive light and publishers have felt strongly that they should be…(hangs head in disbelief) Lots of attitudes have to change before we’re allowed to write about ‘real’ issues.


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