Interview with Jason Russell on Kony 2012 and putting a man on the moon

From an interview with Jason Russell of Invisible Children, in the National Post, on the outcome of the Kony 2012 campaign.

“You really should do your research because this is a very unique and special case in which people do not have to die,” Mr. Russell said.

“We put a man on the moon. That’s what we did as human beings. People maybe should have died doing that but we figured it out.”

The key to capturing Mr. Kony is to outsmart him, Mr. Russell said in the interview.

“We have to use our technology and resources and human power to ask him to surrender because we don’t want this to end bloody,” he said, calling Mr. Kony “the world’s worst criminal.”

“We don’t want bombs being dropped. We don’t want a bullet through his head. We want him alive. That’s the win.”

Mr. Russell said he sees a “beautiful ending” to the manhunt that ends with Mr. Kony surrendering peacefully, boarding a helicopter and being tried in the International Criminal Court.

One Reply to “Interview with Jason Russell on Kony 2012 and putting a man on the moon”

  1. This is a cause that I support to STOP, it is sslmelehsay against the basic laws of God, man and anyone who cares anything about human life, especially that of women and innocent children no matter their gender!!!After all, we are all the children of the One Creator, God who riegns one The One and only Throne of Judgement in the end of this passing through of this thing we call life. May Kony get the fire and eternal damnmation he deserves when his time comes, for Heavens Sake!


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