Stop Kony 2012: Debating the fight, or fighting the debate?

I am still organizing my thoughts for a response to the Stop Kony 2012 campaign and the video that has gone viral over the past few days. My initial reactions are now being subsumed by those that have come in response to the online debate (in some cases more accurately described as a virtual fist-fight) between Invisible Children supporters and IC’s critics. I am outraged by some of the accusations leveled by IC supporters at critics of the campaign — “you must not care or know as much as we do” — which would be hilarious if it weren’t so deeply offensive. I’m alarmed that such an important debate is frequently getting personal.

For now, some links:

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  1. We had several realocted to Sacramento. There’s a woman who inspired me to keep on- she passed away quite young- but I want to have the impact with youth that she did. Emmanuel Jal (rescued child soldier) talks about Emma Kune the way I hope people talk about me when I’m gone.

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